Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, SNOW!

So I already did this snow posting a while ago, but it somehow got lost. Weird. It must not have saved somehow. But anyway, here it is again, plus more! We've had tons of snow, with a couple large storms and a flurry or two just about every day for the last week. Here are a couple pictures of a walk around my work building last week (DHMC is very pretty, you should all be jealous).

Here is me at my very first snowboarding lesson, which took place at Okemo yesterday. Next stop... 180's.

As you're all aware, Leslie's moving to Colorado this Thursday. (It's very sad). Her boss had a going away party for her last night and gave her some warm winter wear as a gift (jacket and glove liners) as she's moving very far away, but along pretty much the same latitude. She had fun modeling the presents.

Here are some older pictures from the original posting. Elyse got baptized, which is very, very exciting. A few days later we celebrated her birthday at Margaritas. There was a guy doing balloon animals there, hence all the fun balloon things. My giraffe's name is Larry. Last but not least, Maurice apparently jumped a fence in order to kiss a donkey at the Joseph Smith Memorial Christmas lighting (but I wasn't present for that, someone just sent me the picture.)